Uplighting sets the mood for any given event by defining an area with color and effects. An ornate venue may have many architectural elements, ie Columns, firelaces, framed floor to ceiling windows, which may otherwise be lost in the less than flattering lights most venues employ. Or your chosen venue may be just a plain box whose walls are crying for some color to create a mood that is otherwise non- existent.

Photographers and Videographers love Uplighting because it creates drama for their shoots. Good Uplighhting will envelope a given space with ambiance and create that 'Wow' factor. Additionally your Uplighting may be static for your entire Event or just Cocktail through Dinner hour and active for dancing.

We offer the most high tech, German engineered and manufactured, intelligent, wireless fixtures available. They are attractive and unobtrusive, unlike traditional Par Cans - a mainstay for most companies that offer Uplighting.

Ideally we like to meet our Clients at their chosen Venue to determine placement, Colors and effects. We understand our Clients lead busy lives so if this is not an option you may defer to our experience.


Uplighting is offered as low as $40.00 per fixture. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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