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Specialty:CT DJ Kurt Krausse

Wedding DJ & Master of Ceremonies


  • Public speaking
  • World music including, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Polish and most genres of Hispanic
  • America's ever changing music scene
  • Semi-fluent in German

Dateline: New York City in the mid-70's, at the dawn of the "Super Disco".

Many would argue it all started with Studio 54. In fact, it started two years earlier with names lost in time: Le Jardin, (Gloria Gaynor got her start here!) and shortly afterward, Infinity. I was a newly-minted legal teen of 18, and these clubs were my first taste of Manhattan's infamous and intoxicating nightlife in the disco era of 70's. I was enamored with the sounds and lights of these dance palaces and wanted in the worst way to be more a part of the scene by bartending in the clubs on weekends, but I was just too young.

Over the next two years I befriended much of the management and staff in these and other Manhattan hotspots, but as with all "Super Discos" the life span was short lived. Typically, beyond their first fabulous year came a rapid steady decline, and closure shortly thereafter was a foregone conclusion. One of the owners of Le Jardin, John Addison, promised me a bartending position at a new club he and

then (silent) partner, Steve Rubell were planning to open in Summer of 1977, by which time I would be a more "respectable" 20 years old.

Well, things didn't work out that way. Addison and Rubell had a falling out prior to the opening, and Rubell brought in Ian Schrager as his partner in this as yet un-named club. They wound up opening the new disco, which they christened Studio 54, on, of all days, my birthday: April 26, 1977. My friend John Addison then scrambled to come up with an alternate property, which he found at 33 West 52nd Street, right next door to the world famous 21 Club, and dubbed it "New York, New York". At last, I was a bartender at one of the hottest discos in Manhattan!

In my short 12 months at New York, NY, I befriended a number of DJs, notably DJ Francois and DJ Stu, and spent my off nights whenever possible in the booth learning spinning styles. This was the start of my love affair with DJ-ing.

It would be quite a few years before I tried my hand professionally. Into the early 80's I worked a few other clubs, Bond being the last (this one never really got off the ground) before moving on to the Waldorf Astoria where I worked until 1985, my last Summer in NYC. It was time to move on.

I relocated to Bristol, CT, where I remain today, and continued in Food and Beverage management, opening the Quality Inn / Bristol in 1987. It was here that, for the first time, I tried my hand as DJ for a client's company Christmas party. They requested I play "dance" music. It didn't go too well! My idea of dance music apparently, was very different than that of the guests! I learned a VERY valuable lesson that night: to open my ears and my mind to everyone else's musical tastes. And this is a lesson that never ends, for everyone's tastes and the music scene in general is always evolving.

I felt comfortable enough to perform at my first wedding in 1992, and soon discovered the amount of work involved planning for a wedding from a DJ's perspective. From the initial interview through the formal consultation, coordinating with the venue and vendors, developing flexible time lines, and honing my craft as Master of Ceremonies; all of the aforementioned you can only gain through years of experience. By 1997 my business had grown to the point where the decision was made to go full time, never looking back, always with an eye on the future.

I truly love what I do, and despite my many years in the business, I never take anything or anyone for granted. I am as enthusiastic about every new job as if it were my first one.

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